National Indigenous Television (NITV) 澳洲全國原住民電視台

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Published on: 2014/05/24



澳洲全國原住民電視台(NITV) 是澳洲特殊廣播服務(SBS)的一份子,經由有線網路、衛星和地面傳輸方式,挑選上網的音頻和視訊內容,橫跨澳洲全國進行免費的廣播服務,內容主要是授權製作或是跟原住民節目製作部門取得。NITV的廣播始於2007年的七月,已贏得原住民觀眾與其他澳洲人的支持與信任,不斷引用本土作家、導演、媒體人與製作人的才華來製作多樣性的節目,範圍廣泛從音樂到衛健、體育、新聞、時事、文化和兒童節目都有。幾乎所有NITV的內容都是自製,而非向外購買。

National Indigenous Television (NITV) is part of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) family of free-to-air channels broadcasting across Australia providing a nationwide Indigenous television service via cable, satellite and terrestrial transmission means and selected online audio visual content. The content for these services is primarily commissioned or acquired from the Indigenous production sector.  NITV has been on air since July 2007. We have earned the support and trust of Indigenous viewers and other Australians. NITV has continually utilized the talents of Indigenous writers, directors, journalists and producers to make programs in a wide variety of genres ranging from music to health, sport, news, current affairs, culture and children’s programs. Almost all of NITV’s content is made, not bought.

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