Blackfoot Digital Library 加拿大黑足族數位圖書館

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Published on: 2014/05/24




Although the endeavor to create a publicly accessible Blackfoot-centric library is recent, this project is ultimately the outcome of documentary work that began more than a century ago, and which elaborates on a knowledge base that emerged through a continuity of many thousands of years living in kitawahsinnoon. The Blackfoot Digital Library is both indebted and dedicated to akaitapii – our ancestors who observed the radical changes being forced upon our communities in the context of colonization, and who took it upon themselves to record their knowledge for the benefit of future generations. This is our opportunity to bring home the field notes, photographs, and recordings that have been spread all over the world; to respond to publications that have misinterpreted and misrepresented our experiences and our way of life.





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