World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network (WITBN) 世界原住民廣播電視聯盟

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Published on: 2014/04/25




Established in 2008, the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network (WITBN) is the first global alliance which aims to unify television broadcasters worldwide to retain and grow our Indigenous languages and cultures. Our commitment is to preserve and promote the Indigenous languages and cultures through media networking, news and program sharing and television broadcasting. In the spirit of sharing, WITBN’s mission is to develop collaborative relationships among Indigenous television broadcasters to create various media opportunities for our members and help nurture Indigenous media worldwide. WITBC 2014 will be held from June 19 to 23 in Winnipeg, Canada, which offers opportunities for sharing experiences and visions in broadcast media. WITBC is a biennial conference which encourages communication and induces interaction among Indigenous media worldwide.

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