Japingka Indigenous Fine Art Gallery Japingka原住民藝術畫廊

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Published on: 2010/11/26


Japingka 畫廊利用其豐富的經驗和與業界的廣泛接觸來收藏最好的原住民藝術精品,同時也致力於維持一個完整的展覽計畫,展示給大眾的不僅僅是有高度知名度的原住民藝術家,還包括有天分的新手。

Japingka Gallery is committed to sourcing the best Indigenous Fine Art works using its vast experience and extensive industry-wide contacts. Japingka Gallery is committed to maintaining a full exhibition program that showcases to a wide audience not only established and highly recognized Indigenous Artists, but also new and emerging talent.

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