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Published on: 2011/04/28


民主紀錄網站是由澳洲國家檔案部門所托管與維護。讀者可依首頁上的九大行政區地圖來探索全澳的憲法原始文件;該網站同時提供三個有特色的標題區使成為尋找資訊的重要入口:1) 地名標題:查詢澳洲憲法所定的行政區界限是如何制定的;2) 途徑標題:根據基金會、建築物、自由權和土地的主題來提供有關資訊;3) 圖片專輯標題:藉圖像找到相關的文檔;此外,也可藉年代表來查大事記。

Documenting a Democracy website is hosted and maintained by the National Archives of Australia. Readers can use the map on “Home” to navigate to the nine sets of original constitutional instruments. The website has three feature sections offer different ‘doorways’ to the documents: 1) Places has animated maps that track how Australia’s constitutional boundaries were formed; 2) Pathways offers theme trails on Foundation, Building, Freedoms and Land; 3) Picture album has images related to the documents. And, Timeline shows what was happening when each document was written.

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