Red Earth Inc. 紅地球有限公司

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Published on: 2011/08/29



Red Earth, Inc. promotes the rich traditions of American Indian arts and cultures through education, a premier festival, a museum and fine art markets. The Red Earth Museum hosts a respected permanent collection of more than 1,400 items of Native American fine art, pottery, basketry, textiles, and beadwork. Exhibits feature widely acclaimed traveling exhibitions, as well as such prized permanent exhibits as the Deupree Cradleboard Collection. In addition, a resource library holds a range of materials on American Indian cultures, which is open to the public by appointment. The organization’s educational programs operate year-round, drawing from exhibits, workshops, demonstrations, and seminars that showcase art, dance, music, and literature. Since 1987, the Red Earth Festival has been held annually, drawing participants and spectators from around the world. Red Earth’s annual festival is the largest and most respected Native American visual and performing arts event of its type in the world. The event highlights the diversity of American Indian cultures in the region and the country, doing so in an environment of the utmost quality and respect for both the artist and participant.

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