Australian Government, Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations 澳大利亞政府-原住民公司註冊處

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Published on: 2011/09/30


原住民公司註冊處是一個獨立的法定職務單位,根據2006 CATSI法案,負責管理原住民和托雷斯海峽島民的公司。CATSI法案在二零零七年七月一號開始生效,該法案指導原住民如何運作原住民公司。該註冊處是根據該法來支持和管理原住民公司。經由多種管理方式,包括:建議他們藉著結合,藉著培訓公司董事、成員和主要工作人員來做良好的公司管理,確保原住民公司遵守相關法律,必要時還可進行干預。

The Registrar is an independent statutory office holder who administers the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act). This Act guides how Indigenous corporations are run. The CATSI Act started on 1 July 2007. The Registrar’s office supports and regulates the corporations that are incorporated under the Act. It does this in a variety of ways: by advising them on how to incorporate, by training directors, members and key staff in good corporate governance, by making sure they comply with the law and by intervening when needed.

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