Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre Inc. (MICEC) 加拿大馬尼托巴省原住民文化教育中心有限公司

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Published on: 2012/03/29



MICEC is a provincial, non-profit charitable and educational organization that works to promote an awareness and understanding of First National Culture to all Manitobans. The People’s Library has become the main component of our programming. MICEC is proud of the fact that the library is recognized as having one of the best collections of Aboriginal resources in the province of Manitoba. The Community Connection Program (formerly Community School Liaison Program) strives to create awareness of all aspects of Aboriginal cultures, past and present. Not only do MICEC disseminate information, the centre’s role is to be ambassadors of Aboriginal cultures in Manitoba as well. MICEC acquires authentic and accurate information to educate the general public. With this information, it is our hope that the general public will be better informed regarding Aboriginal people in Canadian society.

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  1. Ion 說道:

    A simple and inglneitelt point, well made. Thanks!

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