Western Desert Mob (WDM)

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Published on: 2014/12/24

western desert mob




Western Desert Mob(WDM)是西澳Ngaanyatjarra Lands的原住民藝術中心聯盟,成立於2007年,連結六個主要的、由原住民自營的藝術中心,反映了與當地密切的文化、家庭和創意關係。WDM的藝術中心有許多共同之處:它們都是以部落為主的社會企業,支持以各種媒材創作的原住民藝術家,包括繪畫、雕刻、編織和數位媒體。WDM的藝術中心也很獨特,它收藏的藝術作品反映出藝術家個人、所屬國家和部落的個體特性;這種創意文化的能量催生了當今澳洲最具活力和特色的作品。WDM藝術中心在偏遠部落大力提倡藝術價值與藝術企業,在創造地方經營、合乎道德管理與值得信賴的企業上扮演了重要角色。

Western Desert Mob is an alliance of Aboriginal art centres from the Ngaanyatjarra Lands in Western Australia.  Formed in 2007, Western Desert Mob (WDM) links six leading Aboriginal owned and governed art centres, reflecting the area’s close cultural, family and creative connections. Western Desert Mob art centres have much in common: they are community-focussed social enterprises, supporting Aboriginal artists’ working in a wide variety of mediums, including painting, carving, weaving and digital media.  WDM art centres are also unique, with artworks that reflect the individual characteristics of the artists, their country and their community. This creative and cultural energy generates some of the most dynamic and distinctive works of art in Australia today. Western Desert Mob art centres are strong advocates for the value of art and art enterprise to the livelihoods of remote communities and for the important role of art centres in creating a locally-owned, ethically managed and accountable business.

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