Indigenous Peoples’ Restoration Network (IPRN) 原住民族復育網

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Published on: 2014/11/21




原住民族復育網(IPRN)是隸屬國際生態復育學會(the Society for Ecological Restoration International, SER)下的工作團隊,1995年在華盛頓州的西雅圖市舉辦SER年會時成立。IPRN領導人與部落中的基層運動份子及生態復育家緊密合作,提倡適當運用傳統生態知識(traditional ecological knowledge),以其為復育的指導原則。IPRN也舉辦培訓研習營,提供技術援助和傳統生態知識的教育。IPRN有兩個相互關聯的目標:用生態復育的方式,來提高原住民族和文化的傳承;並使用SER組織內的資源,幫助原住民非政府組織進行生態和文化復育的工作。

The Indigenous People’s Restoration Network (IPRN) is a Working Group of the Society for Ecological Restoration International. It was established in 1995, at SER International’s annual conference, which was held in Seattle, Washington. Leaders of the IPRN work closely with grassroots community activists and ecological restorationists to promote the appropriate uses of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) as a guiding principle in restoration. The Working Group has conducted training workshops, provided technical assistance, and educated the field about TEK. The IPRN has two related goals: to use the tools of ecological restoration to enhance the survival of indigenous peoples and cultures, and to use the organizational resources of SER International to support indigenous NGOs that do work in ecological and cultural restoration.

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