Dust Echoes 大地迴聲

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Published on: 2014/09/19



大地迴聲系列短片收集了12個在澳洲北領地阿爾能地Wugularr社區的原住民神話時代故事(dreamtime stories)。這些故事先以音頻記錄,再由澳洲傑出的新秀動畫師以短篇動畫電影詮釋,到世界各地的電影節與動畫節參展,獲得極大的好評。大地迴響網站設立的目的是進一步探討這些美麗的故事,教育並娛樂年輕人,以期他們對身邊豐富的原住民族文化與故事能產生尊重與學習的慾望。                         

The Dust Echoes series is a collection of twelve aboriginal dreamtime stories collected from the Wugularr (Beswick) Community in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Australia. The stories were recorded as audio and then interpreted as short animated movies by some of Australia’s most talented emerging animators, and have enjoy screenings at film and animation festivals all over the world, to great critical acclaim. This website aims to further explore these beautiful stories, to educate and entertain young people in order to instill a respect and thirst for the wealth of indigenous culture and stories on our door step.


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