National Film and Sound Archive: Indigenous Collection 澳洲國家影音資料庫:原住民專區

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Published on: 2014/09/19




自影片發明早期,澳洲原住民與托雷斯海峽島民一直都是被記錄的對象。1898年,英國人類學家Alfred Cort Haddon在世界上第一部田野調查的影片中,紀錄了托雷斯海峽島民與澳洲大陸原住民的身影。



The National Film and Sound Archive is the national audiovisual archive, playing a key role in documenting and interpreting the Australian experience and actively contributing to the development of Australia’s audiovisual industry. They collect, store, preserve and make available screen and sound material relevant to Australia’s culture.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been the subject of recordings since the earliest days of moving image. In 1898, the British anthropologist Alfred Cort Haddon filmed Torres Strait Islanders and mainland Aborigines in the world’s first film of an anthropological field trip.

The Indigenous collection spans a century’s worth of audiovisual technology, from nitrate film and wax cylinders to digital formats.




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