International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA) 原住民事務國際工作團隊

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Published on: 2014/08/22



原住民事務國際工作團隊(IWGIA)是一個國際性的人權機構,成員由原住民事務專家與顧問組成。IWGIA 支持原住民族爭取人權、自治權、領土權、土地及資源控管、文化自主以及發展權。1968年,人類學家驚覺到亞馬遜流域原住民族正在發生的滅族危機,於是成立了IWGIA,目標是建立一個屬於相關研究人員和人權提倡者的網路,以記錄原住民族的現況,並提倡原住民族的權利改善。現今,來自世界各地的原住民族都參與了IWGIA的全球網路。

IWGIA is an international human rights organization staffed by specialists and advisers on indigenous affairs. IWGIA supports indigenous peoples’ struggle for human rights, self-determination, right to territory, control of land and resources, cultural integrity, and the right to development. IWGIA was founded in 1968 by anthropologists alarmed about the ongoing genocide on indigenous peoples taking place in the Amazon. The aim was to establish a network of concerned researchers and human right activists to document the situation of indigenous peoples and advocate for an improvement of their rights. Today indigenous peoples from all over the world are involved in IWGIA’s global network.

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