Indigenous Studies Portal(iPortal) 原住民研究入口網

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Published on: 2014/07/21



原住民研究入口網(iPortal)利用電子資源連結教師、學生、研究人才和社區成員,如書籍、文章、論文、文件、照片、典藏資源、地圖等等。iPortal是由薩斯喀徹溫(Saskatchewan)大學圖書館所發起。截至2011年1月,iPortal已有超過兩萬五千筆的資料,包括最新完成建檔的「文化遺產典藏」檔案,包括照片、人類學的田野調查筆記、日記、來往書信和其他的文字資料。 iPortal還與薩斯喀徹溫大學的原住民計畫和活動連結,另外也專門提供其他功能給教學與獎學金申請。

The Indigenous Studies Portal (iPortal) connects faculty, students, researchers and members of the community with electronic resources: books, articles, theses, documents, photographs, archival resources, maps, etc.  The Indigenous Studies Portal is an initiative of the University of Saskatchewan Library. As of January, 2011, the iPortal has more then 25,000 records, including the Our Legacy archival records recently harvested.  This includes photos, anthropological field notes, diaries, correspondence and other textual documents. The iPortal also links to Indigenous Program and events at University of Saskatchewan. In addition, it offers specialized tools for teaching and scholarship.

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