Title Degree School Year 作者sort descending
Discourse conditions governing aspect : the use of sudah and telah in Indonesian M.A. Michigan State University 1995 Abbott, Ruth Louise
Systems of numeral classification in the Mon-Khmer, Nicobarese and Asian subfamilies of Austroasiatic Ph.D. University of Michigan 1982 Adams, Karen Lee
Globalization, Islam and the idea of "woman" in post-new order Java Ph.D. The George Washington University 2004 Adamson, Clarissa
Security, autonomy, and indigenous justice : the alternative security model of Cheran, Michoacan M.A. University of California, San Diego 2016 Aguilera, Susana Maria
Fragile fixings : an exploration of the self-representations of white women teachers in one isolated northern indigenous community Ph.D. University of Ottawa (Canada) 2005 Aitken, Avril
Where are the Brothers?: Native Hawaiian Males and Higher Education. Ph.D. University of Hawai'i at Manoa 2018 Akiona, Loea
Western development and the health of indigenous peoples : behavioral aspects of cultural change and cultural persistence in the Andes Dr.P.H. University of California, Berkeley 1996 Alderete, Ethel
Contextualizing Technology: Designing Indigenous Language Call Programs. M.A. The University of Arizona 2018 Alexander, Bri
Blood as narrative/narrative as blood : constructing indigenous identity in contemporary American Indian and New Zealand Maori literatures and politics Ph.D. The University of Arizona 1997 Allen, Chadwick
Stronger together : the cross-cultural coalition to stop a fossil fuel export terminal in the Salish Sea Master's University of Washington 2016 Allen, Margaret L