Title Degreesort descending School Year 作者
The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples : A Mixed-Model Interpretative Approach S.J.D. University of Toronto (Canada) 2016 Erueti, Andrew Kaponga Clifford
Witnessing to Christ through Eucharist : A proposal for the Java Christian churches to contextualize and to communicate the gospel to its community Th.D. Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago 1994 Sukarto, Aristarchus
An analysis of Javanese pastors from a leadership emergence theory perspective with implications for training of leaders for the Javanese context Th.M. Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Intercultural Studies 2003 Mulkey, John Carter
The power confrontation between Paiwan traditional religion and the Gospel of Jesus Christ Th.M. Fuller Theological Seminary, School of World Mission 1984 Tung, Chun-fa