Title Degree School Year 作者
JUDIYYA الجوديه The Sudanese Indigenous Model for Conflict Resolution : A Case Study to Examine the Relevancy and the Applicability of the Judiyya Model in Restoring Peace Within the Ethnic Tribal Communities of the Sudan. Ph.D. Nova Southeastern University 2018 Wahab, Abdul S.
Food Availability, Including Traditional Foods, in Grocery and Convenience Stores in 6 High Obese Counties in South Dakota, Including Native American Reservations. M.S. South Dakota State University 2018 Willard, Francesca
Creating an Osage Future: Art, Resistance, and Self-representation. Ph.D. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2018 Powell, Jami C.
Barriers and Enablers to Native American Persistence in Higher Education Programs: Narratives from Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. Ph.D. The University of Southern Mississippi 2018 York-Crockett, Bianca Jonique
An Indigenous Teacher Preparation Framework. Ph.D. University of Alaska Fairbanks 2018 Tom, Lexie J.
Cultural Competency for Native Women at Southern Minnesotan Anti-violence Advocacy Programs. M.S. Minnesota State University, Mankato 2018 Shape, Alissa R.
Rewriting and Rerighting Narratives of Unangax Displacement: A Project of Survivance. M.A. University of Alaska Anchorage 2018 Mack, Samantha
Indigenous Health Systems: An Emergent Yaqui-Centered Framework for Public Health Practice. D.P.H. The University of Arizona 2018 Ore de Boehm, Christina E.
Alaska Native Scholars: A Mixed Methods Investigation of Factors Influencing PhD Attainment. Ph.D. University of Alaska Fairbanks 2018 Jones, Alberta J.
Representations of Genocide: A Critical Examination of the Scholarly and Public Interpretations of the Conestoga Massacre. M.A. Middle Tennessee State University 2018 Jackson, Danielle