Title Degree School Year 作者
Indians at Work: How the Bureau of Indian Affairs Framed Indian Labor, 1928-1945. M.A. The University of Tulsa 2018 Ike, Nkem M.
Persistence in Aurora, Nevada: Survival Strategies of the Northern Paiute. M.A. University of Nevada, Reno 2018 Walkling, Lauren
Exploring the Association of Victimization and Alcohol and Marijuana Use among American Indian Youth Living on or near Reservations: A Mixed Methods Study. Ph.D. Portland State University 2018 Merritt, Lindsay Nicole
"Let Me Tell You about Indian Libraries": Self-Determination, Leadership, and Vision: The Basis of Tribal Library Development in the United States. Ph.D. University of Washington 2018 Littletree, Sandra D.
Vectors of Dispossession: An Assessment of Land Titling and Deforestation in Eastern Nicaragua. M.A. University of Colorado at Denver 2018 Rivera, Isaac Javier
An Analysis of the Ethnographic Significance of the Inupiaq Video Game Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna). M.A. The Florida State University 2018 Williams, Peter Keough
Constituted and Constituting Symbols of the Kamentsa Culture : Essays on Native Philosophy of Culture. Ph.D. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale 2018 Chindoy Chindoy, Juan Alejandro
Day of Indigenous Resistance: Performing Indigeneity in Venezuela. M.A. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale 2018 Saturno, Lourdes Silvana
An Examination of Self-Identity, Sense of Connection, and Membership of Individuals with Native American Ancestry. M.S. Pepperdine University 2018 Van Schyndel, Tamara
Exposing the Colonial Mind: Epistemologies of Ignorance and Education in Ontario, Canada. Ph.D. Queen's University (Canada) 2018 Schaefli, Laura