Library Extension Services

Extension Services

1. Thematic Book Display

Approximately every four months, TIPRC will compile and display relevant resources on certain subject, such as history of an indigenous group, works written by significant scholars, etc. The Book Display is designed to inspire readers with deeper understanding of certain subjects.

2. Saturday Film Screening Service

Since the opening of TIPRC, it has been committed to collecting featured indigenous audio-visual materials. Every Saturday, TIPRC will hold two film screenings; through the screenings of movies and documentaries of indigenous peoples and other ethnic groups, readers are able to experience cross-culture life and cultural differences in an easy and familiar way.

3. Guided Tour

In order to advocate TIPRC's mission, featured collections and services, guided tour service is provided. Anyone who would like to visit TIPRC can approach to the staff for reservation. Through the guided tour, visitors can gain more understanding on TIPRC's library services and facilities as well as Taiwan indigenous peoples.

4. Lectures

By holding lectures and activities in collaboration with other institutions, TIPRC hopes to generate understanding and discussions among administrative units, industry specialists, scholars and indigenous peoples. On the other hand, the public can also get to know more about indigenous culture and contemporary issues through their participation.

5. Book Donation Activities

Since many indigenous communities are located in remote areas, the children living there are constantly lack of reading materials compared to those living in urban areas. To help ease the shortage and encourage reading among indigenous communities, TIPRC holds book donation a few times a year. TIPRC will look for communities in need of reading materials, pick up and donate suitable books according to each community's need.