Figure 1 Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples Resource Center Location Map

  • Information Desk

    Information desk is located on the left hand side of TIPRC's entrance. Readers are required to fill out the registration form here and present valid identity documents (ID card with photo) in exchange for the library card to enter. If readers encounter any problems or need assistance, they are welcome to ask the staff at the information desk for help.

  • Audio-visual room (individual seat)

    TIPRC has four multi-media audio-visual cubicles, where readers can use multimedia materials.

  • New Arrivals Shelf

    New collections are displayed straightly facing the entrance, so that visitors can browse them through as they first enter TIPRC.

  • Online Catalog

    TIPRC provides computers for readers to search for online resources and look up available collections in online catalog.

  • Reading Area

    There are four units of desks and chairs provided for readers to study and use the materials. Besides, wireless internet access is available; the users are welcome to bring their own laptop here while doing research.

  • Shelf Area
    1. Chinese and Japanese publications : the themes include religion, science, ethnic education, culture, society, economy, politics, literature and art, etc.
    2. Current periodicals : there are now about 20 different periodicals on the shelves. Older issues can be found behind the shelve board. For other much older issues, please turn to the staff at the information desk.
    3. Reference books : reference books are mainly indigenous language dictionaries, legal regulations and statistic corpus. English publications include encyclopedias, dictionaries of Anthropology and Archaeology.
    4. Formosan language learning materials : TIPRC now collects language learning materials in different dialects.
    5. English publications : this area archives materials concerning world indigenous groups and minority groups. The topics range from religion, history, anthropology social science, science and art.
    6. Papers and dissertations : this area collects dissertations whose author is indigenous peoples, or whose topic is indigenous-related.